Latino Leadership Initiative
LLI Curriculum

This page contains a list of planned events during a typical LLI term. Subject matter is subject to change each term to address current events and feature new presentations.


The LLI curriculum has developed and matured over the program's history. However, it has always had the same goal in mind: to provide a voice for local Latinos by giving aspiring leaders the opportunity to enhance their training and education, which will help them find better jobs and careers.

LLI is an integral part of Latino Educational Training Institute’s (LETI) community outreach as it empowers Latino youth to become important, decision-makers in leadership positions. The experiences learned and shared throughout this program prepare future Latino leaders for the challenges they will have to overcome as part of a marginalized community.

Networking is an essential component of this program as LETI connects Latino youth to already established Latino leaders in education, government, and other leadership roles. To get anywhere in life, you need to know the right people, but you never know when you'll get to meet that certain someone that will open the doors to your dream job. With LLI, it is a year long opportunity to make these once in a lifetime connections.

Participation in LLI Alumni Association is also important because it gives young leaders the networking opportunity to build each other up and empower one another throughout their respective careers.