Journaling for Personal and Team Development
All participants are encouraged to keep notes and add commentary during their LLI experience.

Journaling provides contemporaneous notes that add to your effectiveness as a leader.

Journaling adds to the collective experience of the LLI community now and in the future.

Journaling helps you set expectations and measure results for yourself and the other members of your project team(s).

Journaling via the website helps you collaborate with your associates in this organization.
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Joining LLI

Before you can add content to the website you must register. You can do the registration yourself; a member of the LLI Team must then assign the privileges, which will normally be done within three days of registration. To get started, click the Join link at the top of any page (if your system is operating is set for another language the link may have a different label). You must supply your real name and create a login ID and password.

When you have filled out and submitted the form the system will send you an email asking you to confirm your membership. You can then sign in with the credentials you created. You will then be able to edit your personal profile and post Updates. Access to other features will be assigned ASAP. [MORE]

Journaling at LLI

You can contribute to the flow of information by keeping careful notes during your team and project meetings and by posting updates in your personal profile, by commenting in the Forums or wherever you see a comment form at the bottom of the page, or by adding an article in the blog either directly or through your project team leader or adviser. Sharing your thoughts on the website is the best way to keep your teammates apprised of issues and solutions.

The Written Word

The fundamental tools for journaling are, of course, pen and paper. We encourage you to record experiences and ideas however fleeting. Use these notes as the basis for a more comprehensive write up of your experience. Finally, you can share them with your teammates and the rest of the LLI community using one of the following media.

Profile Updates

The quickest way to communicate with your colleagues at LLI is to post an update in your profile. Updates must not exceed 255 characters.

You may upload an image and type a web link to an external reference. To create an update, sign in, go to your profile, and type your comments in the space provided.

Fellow students and instructors will see recent posts (example follows) whenever they access the Members page.

Updates are intended for the LLI community but may be visible to the whole world, if copied and pasted elsewhere by one of your colleagues, so please think before you write and proofread carefully before submitting.

La Plaza (Forums)

La Plaza's forums are available only to registered, active users. They are divided into individual forums with unlimited topics for general discussion and for project teams. Housekeeping contains announcements about procedures and policies. Forums from previous terms are archived a few months after the end of the session. To create a new forum or topic take your idea to your adviser.

The Blog (News)

The blog is the right location for posting announcements and reports regarding your team activities. Blog posts should be less than 300 words.

Space is provided for a single graphic and a single link. A graphic can be positioned at either side of your text, above or below it, and with text following, preceding, or wrapping. Insert a fully qualified URL to connect your reader with other information anywhere on the Web.

A checkbox labeled HTML allows you to insert HTML and CSS coding if you know how, which lets you specify boldface, italics and colors. Another checkbox lets you control vertical spacing with line feeds or HTML/ CSS as you prefer.
misc. graphic
Sample photo upload; many options exist; click to see effect of automatic thumbnailing.


Graphic images may be uploaded in JPEG or PNG format; JPEG is preferred for its space-saving characteristics. Image uploads are supported in the blog, in personal profile updates. Expanded articles at general-purpose pages can be added to the site after review and acceptance by the website team, and these can also have graphic components.

Prepare your graphic in any standard graphic editor. The maximum size graphic is 800 pixels in the larger dimension. Most camera images will require editing to meet this standard. Depending on where they are placed within the site, images may be shrunk to fit or maybe thumbnailed and clickable to reveal the original size. Where space is provided add a caption or descriptive text.

Videos stored on third party websites such as YouTube can be embedded in the website. Ask your team leader for further instruction.

Article Manager

A more comprehensive publishing tool is available for final reports and other research efforts. The Article Manager provides access to the full range of web publishing options. Considerable flexibility is available to support PDFs, downloads and video or presentation documents. Consult your adviser for more information.


Frequently asked questions help build our common expertise. This is a new feature on our website, so you may wish to contribute. If you have experienced a problem and found the solution, either with your project, your team, or the LLI project or resources, send a message you're the editor Painting a question and a suitable answer. We will add your idea to the FAQ, subject to editing for style and accuracy.


Most browsers support printing of web pages. However, the web is not as friendly as it might be to printable documents. The best way to distribute printed materials is by converting them to PDF format. Ask the editors for more instruction if required.
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