Latino Leadership Initiative
LLI Launches Alumni Association
If you are a current or former participant in Latino Leadership Initiative, you are invited to join the LLI Alumni Assn. All former speakers, organizers and staff are also encouraged to join.

We have launched with only current members already enrolled. We will be adding login data and notifying others with whom we are still in touch. If we fail to include you, it may be due to a change in your contact data; feel free to inform us using the Contact link on the About page.

The basic features of the LLI Alumni Assn. are now active. Current students are enrolled; previous students can be added (a few are named but without class years).

Members can
1. Sign into the site.
2. Create Updates (personal messages to the group with optional text, link, image). These echo on the home and Members pages.
3. Send private messages to other members.
4. Participate in the Forums, either by commenting or creating topics.

Qualified or selected members can also be given blog access, with or without prior approval.

The purpose, of course, is future recruitment and support as participants advance in their careers.

During testing & shakeout all is public; we may later put content behind login requirement. We are also not yet distinguishing active membership from alumni status, so some information may appear in both contexts.

Suggestions from active users are welcome.

To sign in, click the link below and look for the <i>Sign In</i> link atop any page.

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Alumni and friends of LLI are welcome to submit articles to the editor. Los ex-alumnos y amigos del sitio se invitan a someter artículos al editor.