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How to use the LLI website
This article is an example of how to combine all the ways you can interact with your LLI colleagues. Freely mix profile updates, the blog and the forum. You must be enrolled and logged in to use these tools.

1. Updates

You can post an Update in your personal journal from your profile. Each post can contain a graphic and a link (URL) to other information. The most recent posts echo on the Home and the Members pages. Updates are private within the LLI group, so please do not share your login credentials with non-members, as you may be allowing them to post content in your name.

2. Forums

The Forums (AKA La Plaza is an open discussion platform. I've started a discussion in the Forums in the Discussions section under the Journaling topic. And in that, I've reference the original blog post. The Forum is text-only, so any graphics must be in a blog post or an update.

3. Blog

If your message exceeds 250 characters and/or is not suitable for a discussion thread, you may want to write an article in the blog (AKA News) and then reference it in an update or forum post. This article is really just a placeholder for training purposes. Because the post is intended for members-only it cannot be seen by non-LLI readers. Each post can include a pre-positioned link and a graphic. I've linked to the LETI website and grabbed a photo of our former office manager Arlet.

4. Future

This website is always under development, so you may occasionally may find new or (we hope) improved features, and your comments on the procedures are encouraged, either by using the Comments forms on the website or by messaging me from my profile or posting under Housekeeping in the Forums.

Link to LETI Website

Journaling, Website contributions promote teamwork
All participants are encouraged to keep notes and add commentary during their LLI experience. (Updated for 2021.)

Journaling provides contemporaneous notes that add to your effectiveness as a leader.

Journaling adds to the collective experience of the LLI community now and in the future.

Journaling helps you set expectations and measure results for yourself and the other members of your project team(s).

Journaling at LLI should include keeping a notebook with you at all times, writing daily or weekly summaries, and posting key information to your member profile, a forum, or the blog.

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