Latino Leadership Initiative
LLI 2024 Kick-Off
Saturday, January 20th, we saw students from Edmonds College, Skagit Valley College, and the University of Washington- Bothell come together on Zoom to hear from local leaders in the community. See the attached agenda for this event!

We had over 60 attendees total, including over 40 students, join to hear Welcoming Remarks from leaders, a Panel of Elected Officials and Leaders, as well as a presentation about the History and Contributions of Latinos in WA State.

Welcoming Remarks- We heard from WA State Representative Lillian Ortiz-Self, President of Edmonds College Dr. Amit Singh, President of Skagit Valley College Dr. Christopher Villa, Director at the Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion University of Washington Bothell Melissa Keightley, and LETI Founder & CEO Rosario Reyes. They spoke about giving back to those in the community being something that is needed in the world. Everyone's voices need to be heard at every level since we are the future. Being honest and transparent makes a difference for those who are marginalized in the community. Listen to the rest of the remarks in the recording below!

Panel of Elected Officials and Leaders- We heard from Mount Vernon Councilmember Iris Carias, Former Mount Vernon Councilmember Juan Morales, and Former WA State Senator Maralyn Chase. They were able to share their thoughts on a series of questions including describing their past jobs leading up to being in office, skills that have been valuable for their achievements, why they initially ran for office and the challenges that they faced along the way, as well as critical issues for Latinos and people of color and a call to action for our future leaders. Hear their answers in the recording below!

History and Contributions of Latinos in WA State- Dr. Antonio Sanchez spoke about Latinx in WA State and in the US. He shared with us leaders who pioneered they way through Washington State and the US that many of us did not learn in school. He shared how the largest growth of voting age Washingtonians are Latinos and that Latinos are the largest racial/ethnic group in WA State. We learned about Tlahuicole, Ynes Mexia, and Maria Adelina Isabel Otero-Warren and how their bravery and discoveries are still impactful to this day. Hear more about this in the recording below.

Other participants include:

  • Dr. Shari Dworkin, Professor at UWB
  • Dr. Jack Khan, President of Shoreline
  • Dr. Lisa Edwards, Superintendent Verdant Health Commission
  • Dr. Rees Clark, Former LETI Board Member and supporter
  • Dr. Susana Reyes, Superintendent Shoreline
  • Dr. Victor Vergara, Assistant Superintendent Edmonds School District
  • Dr. Laura Cailloux, Skagit Valley College
  • Dr. Jorge de la Torre, VP of Student Engagement
  • Dr. Linda Lyshall, Executive Director Snohomish Conservation District
  • Kristin Marshall, Habitat Restoration and Floodplan Department Director

Review the Zoom Recording Here!

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